A-Z About Online Education

A-Z About Online Education

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Online classes are either synchronous or asynchronous, or a combination of both. Blended courses are for students who prefer to spend time both online and in class. Independent courses are taken by individuals under little or no supervision.

Each student has different preferences about which type of class to prefer. Let’s see how each type of online class works

Synchronous Classes

● Instructors and all students meet online at the same time.

● Lectures, presentations, and discussions occur at a specific hour.

● It has multimedia components such as group chats, web seminars, phone call-ins and video conferencing

● Students are guided by the instructor through headphones as well as by typing online.

● The instructor could explain by writing, pointing important notes, or creating symbols to guide a student throughout the lecture.

● You will get answers and feedback instantly

● Attendance counts in weekly grade like traditional colleges

Asynchronous Classes

● Instructors and students interact at different times

● More flexible than synchronous learning

● Study at your own pace

● Suitable for working professionals and self-motivated learners

● Course materials, lectures, tests, and assignments can be accessed at any time.

● It relies on technology such as discussion boards, pre-recorded video lectures, email and mp3

● Students can participate in discussion boards at various times, are expected to post, and respond to two or three students post by midweek.

Independent Study Courses

● Similar to asynchronous courses

● There are no discussion boards

● There may be due dates or time frame in which students must complete the course

● Good for self- motivated students

● Not suitable for those who have time management challenges

● Instructors are willing to offer a tutorial

Blended Courses

● Take place both online and on-campus

● Students attend class on-campus at the start of the course for orientation or at the end of the course for the final exam

● Discussion boards and other course assessments are completed online in an asynchronous format

● Occasional on-campus meetings, which are often optional.

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