Why Do Students Ask Us- Can You Write My Essay?

Why Do Students Ask Us- Can You Write My Essay?

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The one aspect that most online students hate about their course is undoubtedly related to writing an essay. It requires hours of research, plenty of patience and preparedness. No doubt, essay writing services are more popular than ever. But why do students choose ‘write my essay‘ services like ours? Some of the possible reasons include:

Assignment requirements are complex:

To maintain academic quality, instructors assign complex essay topics. Sometimes, it is difficult for students to even understand the question, let alone come up with a 3000 odd critical commentary on the subject. And to make matters worse, plagiarism is seriously punished. Students who do not understand citation and referencing rules often end up being penalized. They’d rather pay someone and ask him to ‘write my essay’ than risk their grades.

It saves time:

It is a common misconception that only the dumb and below-average types outsource their essay writing assignments. In fact, the opposite of this is true. The truly smart and admitted – to – prestigious – university types often end up hiring us because they cannot afford to lose their grades but do not have the time to write the essay on their own. Have you heard about industry leaders hiring professionals as ghost writers for their blogs and articles? This isn’t very different.

Sometimes, there’s little interaction between the instructor and the student:

Not all online programs are alike- while some courses give importance to student-instructor interaction, there are others where this is a mere formality. Rather than waste time waiting for a response from the instructor, students prefer hiring us.

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