Understanding Issues In Online Learning

Understanding Issues In Online Learning

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Online learning has been a boon for many students. Students can learn at any time and from anywhere around the world. However due to some the shortcomings of either the administration, instructional methods or language, sometimes technology tends to fall short of what it attempts to achieve.

Varying Academic Standards:

The absence of formal teaching and learning sessions eliminate the possibility of regular interaction between the teacher and student. International students find it hard at times to understand the academic standards of a different country and in the absence of on the spot guidance and counseling by the tutor the quality of education will be at the learner’s discretion.

Financing Issues:

Education is considered a significant element behind every nation’s development and progress. Developing countries have a major challenge with the finances involved in distance learning since the cost of various programs varies enormously. Resources also pose problems; it is not easy to develop an online program.

Organizational Issues:

While the philosophy that everybody should be allowed to realize his or her personal potential, it is also true that the university is answerable to cost-benefit discussions. Financial resources have to be budgeted and shared with other services.

Communication Barriers:

Communication plays a prominent role in the quality of teaching. Good teaching does not entail mere repetition of words but also the understanding of the text material to work on the several assignments given throughout the course. If you face any barriers due to unclear communication, feel free to call us to ask ‘can you take my online class?’ We’ll you complete your assignments on time.

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