Types of Assignments in an Online Class

Types of Assignments in an Online Class

Assignments in an Online Class
Online college programs are now very popular in America. They are a perfect choice for students who cannot afford to attend regular courses and as well as those who are looking for a change in career. If you are new to the platform and don’t really understand how things work in online classes, we list a few types of assignments that are common in most online courses.

Reading Assignments:

Instructors share a video lecture or a few chapters from an e-book for the student to read. The students are then assessed to see if they have understood the context by having them take a test on the reading/video material. Although students can complete the assignment anytime, there’s usually a set deadline before which each of these assignments should be completed.

Online Discussion Forums:

Online discussions are a very important element of online learning. At the end of a chapter the instructor opens a topic for discussion. Students have to respond by commenting on the topic and by replying to comments from other participants. This is very similar to the discussion held in classrooms, except for the fact that these discussions are held in a virtual setup.


Unlike an online discussion where topics are discussed openly, this is more of a private discussion between an instructor and the student. Instructors give the topic that the student must work on and submit before the deadline. They also have to give citations for their content.

Group Projects:

Group projects are a great opportunity to encourage students to interact with each other. Students can share their thoughts and ideas via video conferencing or Google Docs.

PowerPoint Presentations:

Virtual presentations help students prepare for the corporate world where they may have to make a lot of presentations. Colleges use a wide range of video conferencing technologies and microphones to help students manage their presentations. Some of the applications commonly used include Prezi and PowerPoint.

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