The Truth About Online Class Help

The Truth About Online Class Help

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We have been helping students manage their online course assignments for more than a decade. Over the years, we have helped students realize their dreams and achieve the career goals. We have also been accused of helping students cheat. Yes, we do chip in when things get a little too difficult for them, but we’re far from the bad guys we’re made to look like. Here are three things online class help websites like us do not do:

We do not encourage plagiarism:

It is a common assumption that our tutors copy content from published sources. No, that’s not we do. In fact, we guarantee our work to be completely free of plagiarism. We hire tutors who have graduated from some of the best universities in the US. They have written hundreds and thousands of essays. We subscribe to the best journals and have access to the best resources. Why would we plagiarize content?

We do not always write essays or take tests:

We review essays to make sure they’re grammatically correct and include citations wherever appropriate. We help students ‘tighten’ their essay by eliminating redundant words that don’t contribute to your message. Sometimes, students who do not speak English as their first language hire to manage their online discussion boards. We help them navigate discussion boards until they’re confident enough.

We do not judge:

Not everyone hiring an online class help tutor is doing so because they want to cheat their way to success. Many of them are trying their best to turn in assignments on time and yet managing several other things. When the pressure becomes overwhelming, they hire us for help. Some clients may not be able to take a test because they’re nursing a sick family member. And someone else is too tired to complete her quiz. Everybody has their reasons to hire us – we don’t judge!

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