Top Countries Leading In Online Education

Top Countries Leading In Online Education

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Countries across the world are opening up to online education. Students are attracted to online learning because it helps them choose from a wide range of courses.

Here is a list of countries that have adopted online education:

1. The United States Of America

Indeed, the U.S. is leading the world player when it comes to pioneering the online learning concept. Almost every university of repute in the United States offers online programs. Online degree programs offered by them have a higher acceptance rate. Many universities across the US are reimagining education by working with inaccessible and under-resourced communities across the world.

2. India

The emerging online learning market in India is estimated to be worth more than $3billion! The country has more than 370 million internet users. India is the third largest market for online education, claims a report on Quality education can be made available to millions of children in rural India through digital classrooms. With 67% of India’s population living in rural areas, online learning can be a game changer.

3. China

China was among the early adopters to distance education. More than a 100 million students were regularly beamed agricultural lessons through television and radio, way back in 1960. The Chinese government has set up more than 60 online colleges with millions of students enthusiastically signing up for online programs.

4. South Korea

Despite facing several roadblocks, the government of South Korea has been a major factor in adopting online learning. The two severe problems faced by them were the lack of support and the availability of internet access. By overcoming these issues, South Korea now have more than 17 online colleges with advancements in technology.

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