Tips For Creating A Study Schedule For Your Final Exams

Tips For Creating A Study Schedule For Your Final Exams

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There are a few things that you should remember when creating a study schedule. These include:

1. Minimize time spent procrastinating and maximize effective study time

2. Manage your health and stress levels

With these guiding principles in mind, start scheduling with the help of Google Calendar.

• Check your college website to know exam dates and times. Note them on your calendar.

• Know the format of each exam

• Know your homework assignments or projects that are due during the exam week. Figure out the best way to balance the projects/assignments with study sessions.

• Take stock of your resources – make sure you have the syllabi, all the course materials, handouts from your professors, notes, and textbooks. Make use of all available materials.

• Assess your knowledge. Identify and focus on the knowledge gaps.

Your detailed schedule should contain a lot of information like – your mealtimes, gym times, and all the little tasks you have to take care of throughout the day. Keep Parkinson’s Law in mind to assign the right amount of time to a task. You must realize that your brain’s efficiency is going to take a dive after 30 minutes. Try scheduling your study sessions and accomplish a specific set of things within 25 to 30 minutes and then give yourself a small break.

Important Tips To Make Your Study Schedule Even Better

• Monitor your body’s energy levels and study when it’s at its best.

• The performance of your brain is connected to the well-being of your body. Get exercise and take breaks to help in reducing the stress.

• Ask for help when you need. Be sure to challenge yourself and try to work through problems. But if you get stuck, call us for online class help. Our tutors can take your online test for you!