Take my accounting class

Take my accounting class

“Hi, can you take my accounting class?” This is the usual line I read from students who applied for tutoring online. As a tutor I understand the dire need of these students to learn and to be experts in their field, in accounting. Accounting can be a very interesting subject if students learn the secret for understanding and solving the accounting related word problems.

As a graduate of Accountancy I have a good grasp and knowledge in accounting. I apply this knowledge in the firm that I work with. The importance of accounting is so high that it is always used in our office. This real scenario provides me the courage to teach students how to fully understand the basics of accounting.

There are many students whom I encounter daily in our tutorial sessions who always tell me “You take my online class”. I know what they mean for this line. Whenever I hear this I just smile to them and tell them the wonders of accounting and how easy it can be to anybody. It is very important for them to see and know that accounting can be taken as an easy subject. It is always my motivation to them.

Working in this tutorial service center makes my heart grow bigger because of these students. They are like children to me. Whenever they look sad because they have difficulty accounting assignments I feel responsible to them. So I always start the tutorial with positive contributions of accounting to work. I always give them real life situations where accounting is a very important tool. Then we start the discussions full of positive views for accounting. With this they become interested to learn accounting.

My part time job here is very rewarding. When my tutee told me one day that she was the highest in her class I could not understand my feeling. I just congratulated her and assured her that she would not frown anymore at any accounting problems.