How Are People Cheating On An Online Test

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From writing trigonometry formulas on bits of paper to writing answers on the forearm, we have cheated at least once in our student life. But for an online student, cheating takes place on a different level. If you have enrolled for an online program and struggling, here’s how to cheat on a test:


Students copy entire paragraphs from other sources without citations and proper references. This method is useless thanks to the effective (yet inexpensive) plagiarism software available. Besides, course designers require students to submit the assignment in pieces, i.e. the thesis statement, argument, outline, rough draft, etc. is submitted over a period of time.

Gaming the System:

If you have ever wondered how to cheat on a test, try claiming that the system shows you an error message. The instructor has to read the message and reset the paper, giving you enough time to prepare and even look up answers. Another trick is to submit corrupted essay files. Usually, the instructor does not go through the file until the next day. And by the time students are notified of the error and requested to submit the correct file, they have enough time to write the essay (or, at least, get someone to write it for them). Too many students have been doing this for course designers to come up with appropriate checks.

The Guinea Pig Method:

This is usually done as a group when instructors allow students to take assessments at their own pace. The ‘guinea pig student’ takes the test and copies questions on Google docs. Now everyone has access to the question paper. And to be fair, students take turns to be the guinea pig. Course designers have smartened up and prevent students from copying/printing the questions. Some programs lock the screen and prevent the student from navigating elsewhere.

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