Why Students Seek Us When Looking For Ways To Cheat On A Test

Why Students Seek Us When Looking For Ways To Cheat On A Test

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Online learning is more popular than ever, especially among young professionals looking for ways to keep themselves updated in an increasingly competitive environment. The corporate world too has now begun to look at online courses favorably. But online learning isn’t as easy as the diploma mills would like you to believe. Pass percentage is abysmal. Even those that manage to complete an online course aren’t enthused enough to take up another. Those who cannot afford to quit come to us asking for ways to cheat on a test. Here’s why we think people look for help when taking up online classes.

Tests are just about retention:

Tests shouldn’t be about a student’s ability to remember things. Rather, it should be based around helping the student make meaning of the information. It should help him connect the topic with the real world. Until this happens, students are going to look for ways to cheat on a test.

Grades are all that matter to employers:

Corporate attitude towards online courses has changed considerably. Many companies are now willing to employ online degree holders as long as the certified is from a reputed college, and the candidate has earned good grades. With increasing pressure to earn good grades, students are left with little choice but to seek ways to cheat on a test. They’d rather hire us than risk their future by completing assignments on their own.

Online courses have rigorous schedules:

Most online courses vary from 10-15 week duration. You’ll have to complete weekly homework assignments, end of module tests and discussion boards, and regular quizzes to stay on top of all your course tasks. Between managing family commitments, work priorities, and other social commitments, it is very difficult for students to stay focused. We help students manage their course tasks without having to quit.