Why Do People Hate Math

Why Do People Hate Math

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Know what Alexander Graham Bell, Michael Faraday, and I have in common? We all hate Math! Millions of people around their world are gripped by this deadly fear called Arithmophobia. Why does this happen?

Poorly wired brains?

In the 1960’s, Roger Sperry showed us the difference between the two hemispheres of the brain. While the left carries out logical and mathematical computations, the right helps with spatial abilities, music, and face recognition. So, if someone was weak in Math, you could attribute it to his ‘right-brain-ness’. Too bad for that theory, the right-brained, left-brained theory has since been debunked and scientists have confirmed that we think with both our brain hemispheres.

Poor teachers?:

Did you know that if 1000 high school students were asked to choose between Math and broccoli, they would choose broccoli? That’s a real study! In another study, people said they would prefer cleaning toilets to solving Math equations! Our education system has done a poor job connecting the subject to our real lives, so people don’t care about it. Even if they’re told of its importance in our daily lives, it doesn’t matter. Math doesn’t seem human to a lot of us!

MyMathLab issues:

MyMathLab is designed to help students help themselves when it comes to Math. Most online courses in Math use this technology. The only problem is, the software is riddled with bugs. Correct MyMathLab answers are marked incorrect, tutorials fail to load, and sometimes incorrect answers show up as the right answer. That’s why students pay us for MyMathLab answers – they’d rather hire us than risk their grades.

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