Online Education: How To Organize the Best Study Group

Online Education: How To Organize the Best Study Group

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Study groups are commonly formed among students who are taking the same class or similar classes. Follow these tips to make your study group successful.

How do I select members for my study group?

Choose people who have similar goals

Be patient in selecting the group members. Wait for two or three weeks to determine which students are taking the classes regularly, seem enthusiastic about learning, and who are posting valid points. Introduce yourself to them and see if your personalities and goals align.

Why do I select enthusiastic students?

Choosing apathetic and lazy students is going to put you in a position where you have to complete all the work, and it might put you in the situation where you have to talk to the professor about them. It’s better to pick people who you’ll stay on good terms with.

How many members will be good for a study group?

Select three to five people

Less than this number will limit the contributions one will receive, and anything more than this number will make the discussion less efficient and controlled.

How to organize a study location?

Look for a distraction-free place

Find a location that is convenient for all the group members where all of you can spread out and interact without distraction. Meet at least once a week and work together for approximately two hours.

How should I lead my study group members?

Lead the study group like a classroom

Follow the topics as they’re ordered in the class content, and discuss each topic thoroughly before moving on to the next. If someone has a question, help them understand the topic. This will in turn improve your understanding, and at the same time, it will make your classmates respect you.

Why should I evaluate my group members performance?

Evaluation is vital

Check up with everyone to make sure that they understand the material and feel that the discussions are helping them. If any group members have ideas on how to improve the meetings, listen to them and consider making the changes.

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