Manage Your Time and Your Life

Manage Your Time and Your Life

Time management is a skill that often takes years to perfect, and finding a proper balance gets even more difficult once you enter college. Improper time management skills can affect every aspect of your life, causing you to miss out on opportunities, create unnecessary stress, and leave you feeling flustered. College doesn’t have to control your time and your life. Follow these simple tips to manage your time wisely and live your life to the fullest.

1. Plan Everyday – 15 minutes before bedtime, plan the day ahead down to the minute. Write down everything you’ll be doing for the next 24 hours, such as appointments, classes, dates, obligations and chores, and be sure to leave ample time between tasks for commuting time and unforeseen circumstances. You can change the schedule as the day unfolds, but writing things down ahead of time will give you an idea of what your day will look like.

2. Pick and Choose – If there are small tasks on your list that may not be necessary or that you can delegate to someone else, do so. Don’t try to accomplish everything all in one day. Space things out and prioritize.

3. Limit Distractions – Notice how often you waste time watching television or surfing the web. Could this time be utilized more efficiently on other tasks? If you need to, try scheduling in an allotted amount of time for these kinds of activities, and stick to it. Don’t spend hours on Facebook and then wonder where all your time went for the day.

Of course, the number one rule for managing your time and your life is to take care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep and you’ll awake each day feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish your goals. Even after following all of these tips if you find struggling with time, you can always call us for help. Give us a call and ask us to take my online class!