How to Study for Long Hours and Stay Productive

How to Study for Long Hours and Stay Productive

Study for Long Hours and Stay Productive
There can never be a substitute for hard work, but sometimes working smart makes more sense than toiling hard. Try these tips to maximize your productivity, achieve academic goals and advance your career.

Track Your Study Time:

Keep a log of things that you do throughout the day to evaluate if you have spent the day productively. Make use of the free time to go through your course material, complete your assignments, or work on challenging topics.

Plan Your Work:

The best thing about successful online students is that they plan their entire day ahead of time. If you’re new to the concept, a really simple way to get started is by scheduling your daily tasks. Write down everything you need to do and then decide how much time you want to allocate to each task. Make sure you plan for some time as well. The key is to be as realistic as possible so that you can stick to your plans.

Create an Environment Where You Work the Best:

Pick a place where you will not be constantly distracted. An untidy and messy workplace can also be disturbing; hence, remember to keep the area clean and neat. Some people like to study in public places like coffee houses and libraries. But others prefer to study in the comfort of their own home. Things can be different for different people. But the end goal is to attain a 100% focused state.

Don’t Let Electronics Rule You:

Sometimes even if you find places that are quiet, the devices that you use to study can lead to distraction. Smartphones and iPods, which you carry all the time, can distract your attention. You can use self-control apps like Forest if you have the habit of frequently using social media sites. You can also turn it off or leave it in the other room when you’re trying to work.

Take Breaks:

It’s hard to keep up a high level of productivity for an extended period of time. So taking breaks is essential for you to re-energize. You can make use of the Pomodoro technique of studying intensely for 25 minutes and then taking a five-minute break. Repeat the process, until you complete your goal. It is really an effective technique in maintaining focus, especially if there’s a lot to be done.


Exercises can regularly improve concentration and memory, increase mental stamina, help with creativity and lower stress. So it’s important to do something physically active for 30 minutes. Give yourself a complete break from all the work you need to do and come back with a fresh mindset.

The most important thing in all these productivity tips is to know yourself and work towards personal betterment. If you find yourself really struggling to stay focused, even after these tips, maybe it’s time to get help from Take Your Class tutors. Contact our service – we have several years of experience in handling online classes in all subjects. Call (917) 310-4695 to ask – ‘can I pay someone to take my online class?’