How to Avoid Digital Distractions While Studying

How to Avoid Digital Distractions While Studying

Avoid Digital Distractions

Do you check your phone frequently while studying? Are you on your phone a lot in general? When studying from home, do you get distracted by social media? Here’s how you can stay away from social media and make the most of your studying time.

Curb Smartphone Usage

It can be tempting to check your smartphone while listening to an audio lecture. But this is unfair to those who have spent their time and effort putting together the lecture for you. When studying, switch off your phone, or enable the “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone. If you’re expecting a phone call, keep the conversation short and to the point.

Shut Off Social Media Sites

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Social media sites can keep you busy for hours, and they’ll keep you away from your classwork. Though these sites might attract your attention, you must close them all so you can be completely involved in your online class. With no social media open, paying attention to the professor will be easier.

Schedule Social Media Time

There’s nothing wrong with being on social media, just so long as you aren’t addicted. It’s a great tool, and one that can keep individuals in touch with friends and family. Schedule a few minutes every day for checking updates and connecting with people. When you control your social media usage, you’ll be more productive and able to focus on the things that matter.

Spend Time On Productive Activities

Internet usage tends to take up most of an online student’s day. It is, therefore, best to find an alternate means of relaxation, like reading a book, going for a walk, or spending time with friends. If you feel like you can be away from your phone, you’ll feel good about yourself!

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