Homework Help: Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat In Online Learning

Homework Help: Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat In Online Learning

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Dishonesty in academics isn’t new- it’s a phenomenon as old as the hills. But online learning makes cheating easy. In fact, some online courses are widely known for the easy opportunities they provide to cheat. While we agree that rampant cheating undermines the benefits of the platform and the reputation of the university that’s offering the online course, students cannot always be blamed. Here are a few reasons why students are tempted to cheat and seek homework help:

Not Everyone Cheats All The Time:

Dan Ariely, an expert in Behavioral Economics explains that not every student cheats all the time. A lot of people cheat, but just by a little. When the object (the online platform in this case) is at a distance, they cheat more. And when we see people cheating around us, we cheat the most. When you don’t have the time to complete an assignment, have you ever asked a friend for homework help? That is cheating – but just by a little. Rather than having to trust your friend who may or may not be good at the subject, doesn’t it make sense to pay an expert and get the assignment done?

Students Are Tempted To Cheat When They Find The Task Boring, Irrelevant, or Overwhelming:

Alfie Kohn, an expert in Education and Human Behavior explains that students tend to cheat more when they view their tasks as too boring or overwhelming. Cheating, he says, is rare in a class where the content is engaging and meaningful. While some students take up online courses because it was stipulated by the university, some others take them up because it adds value to their resume. They’re either well versed with the topic or find it too boring. This is where homework help tutors come to the rescue.

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