Here’s Why You Have More Time Than You Think

Here’s Why You Have More Time Than You Think

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Are you one of those who’re always complaining about being perpetually busy? In fact, being busy is the new status symbol, with people often equating being busy with productivity.

Have you ever kept track of how many hours you work?

A recent study compared how many hours people thought they worked against how many hours they worked. The results were an eye opener – while most thought they worked for around 60-70 hours every week, they worked for an average of only 44.2 hours! Try keeping a time log to help you track of how many hours you work every day. You’d be surprised to know how inefficiently you’ve spent your time.

Don’t wear your busy tag as a badge of honor:

Truth be told, when your actions don’t lead to results, busy-ness is just another form of laziness because productivity is about how much you have accomplished and not how much time you’ve spent doing a task. Constantly talking about how busy you are is just another way of telling people how much the world depends on you.

Be honest with yourself:

Studies prove that Americans sleep around 8 hours per night, although we often claim to sleep for around 6 to 7 hours every day. If we were to sleep for 56 hours every week and spend around 60 hours for work, what do we do with the remaining 52 hours? That’s a significant amount of time that goes unaccounted.

Try changing your attitude:

The next time someone reminds you to do something, rather than saying, ‘I don’t have the time,’ trying saying ‘that’s not important.’ So instead of saying ‘I don’t have time to complete the assignment,’ try saying, ‘my studies are not my priority’ and see how that feels. Changing your attitude towards things can help you get things done. And when you’re genuinely starved of time, hire a tutor for online class help!