Here’s How To Learn Just About Everything

Here’s How To Learn Just About Everything

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Why is it that some people can learn things faster than others? Are their brains wired differently? Or, did they get lucky in the genetic lottery? Yes, your genes have a role to play, but not as much as they are hyped. Here’s how some people are effective learners.

Understand how the mind works:

We all know that our brain is an enormously complex mechanism, but to simplify it we can divide it into two modes; viz. the focus mode and the diffused mode. The focus mode is just that – when you see a set of information, your mind begins to focus. But when your mind is in the diffused mode, your mind is relaxed in various resting stages. It looks at the problem from a different perspective. When studying, your mind goes back and forth between these modes. And that’s the best way to learn! You want your brain to focus on something without distraction, but you also need to get a bigger picture of what you are learning. When you are learning, allow the diffused mode to take over and do its work in the background by taking your mind off the problem.

Understand why you’re procrastinating:

Did you know that when you’re procrastinating, your mind is sending out signals similar to the signals sent when you’re in physical pain? You can either work your way through the pain and eventually within two or three minutes; this will disappear. You can also use the Pomodoro Technique. This method involves setting a timer for at least 25 minutes and work with focused attention. When you’re done, do something fun. With this technique, you train your mind to focus and relax as well.

Don’t always put yourself down:

Do you always think of yourself as a slow learner? You probably have a better understanding of things. Do you find your attention all over the place; you are probably more creative! Don’t put yourself down yet! Test yourself all the time to make sure you understand things. Pay attention to your homework!

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