Five Must-Have Skills For Students

Five Must-Have Skills For Students

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Educators are now facing a two-fold challenge; on the one end they have to keep pace with an economy which is now knowledge –based as opposed to the earlier industry-based economy. They also have to ensure that students brought up in the internet era are motivated enough to learn. There now seems to be a huge gap between industry needs and education. Here’s a list of skills that students must possess to close this gap:

Creativity and Innovation:

Creativity isn’t only about being different from the rest; you should come up with inventive and unique solutions. Consider taking up an online course that helps in decision making and problem solving. Take up projects and challenging tasks and look for imaginative solutions.

Leadership Skills:

Leadership isn’t only about being powerful, or directing fellow individuals. Modern leaders understand the need for collaboration and working towards a common goal. These skills can be cultivated by learning to tolerate other people’s opinions and respecting them. Empathy, selflessness, personal accountability, environmental awareness, and adaptability are some of the key skills of an able leader.

Marketing Skills:

It is very important to learn how to market yourself to be able to land a dream job. Use social networking websites and other platforms carefully to discuss your ideas and opinions. An online course on self-marketing and personal branding also helps!

Project Management Skills:

From evaluating risks to budget management and project administration, employees are now required to undertake a wide range of tasks. Sign up for an online course that deals with project management and related skills.

A Global Attitude:

Having a global mindset is a fundamental skill required to survive in the 21st century. This means being tolerant of people from different cultures and respecting their beliefs. Sign up for an online course in a reputed university – you will be allowed ample of opportunities to mingle with fellow students from across the world. Non-native English speakers may be initially reluctant to actively participate in online academic activities like discussion boards and group chats.

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