Do Online Students Hate Each Other

Do Online Students Hate Each Other

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Every student in an online class has different needs and interests. The majority of online students are working adults; they enroll in online classes to pick up new technical (or business) skills and also to advance their careers. Unlike traditional colleges, online students have very little reason to hate each other.

— Students do not have face to face interaction

— There is no one to tease or make fun of them

— There is no criticism

Unlike in-campus students, online students interact deliberately with their peers. Writing is the primary form of communication in online classes. For verbal communication, they go for video conferencing or teleconferencing. Students gladly share their notes and help each other in the learning process. On the contrary, traditional students may occasionally share their handwritten notes. Some hate to share their study notes. Face to face interaction makes people competitive. Sometimes they hate group work because of uncooperative team members; some don’t share their ideas and some criticize.

Online students use Skype or Google Hangouts if they can’t meet in-person. They also use collaboration tools like Google Docs, Email, Facebook, and Twitter to interact with their peers. E-learning, helps students by fostering

— A feeling of trust and being welcomed

— A sense of accomplishment

— A sense of belonging to a friendly community

Unlike traditional classes, online students follow the simple rule “think-pair-share”. i.e., when instructor posts a question, online students think and either post or respond to others by sharing their ideas. But in regular classes, students struggle to speak before the whole class. They get depressed or lonely.

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