Common Reasons for E-Learner Dropout

Common Reasons for E-Learner Dropout

Most working students start their online educations with lofty dreams. But often pressure from work, changing shifts, sickness, mood swings, and limited time hinder a person’s ability to progress with their online learning. Weighed down by all these factors, they end up dropping out of much-loved online courses that could have been beneficial. Some students avoid dropout by sharing their workload with qualified online class takers. If you want to know the common reasons for dropout and how to avoid/overcome them, read through the points below!

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➢ Boring Courses

Online course titles are usually very attractive, so students enthusiastically join these courses with hopes to have intriguing learning experiences. But sometimes courses are poorly designed or their topics are just flat boring. Instead of quitting the course, call us and ask: “Can someone take my online class, especially my boring subject?”

➢ No Motivation

A student with limited motivation will find it difficult to complete coursework. To avoid burnout, create milestones and reward yourself for each goal you achieve. Remember to get enough sleep consistently and always study in increments. You can also hire class help online to give yourself a break and recharge your tired brain.

➢ No Computer

Some students don’t have access to necessary hardware and software, so they can’t continue their education. If repairing your system or buying a new one is going to be too costly for you, you can make use of a computer resource center or try to borrow a friend’s laptop. If neither option is possible, you can call us and ask: “Can I pay someone to take my online class?”

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➢ Mental Instability

A highly stressed student will find it difficult to focus on their online education. Also, mental health issues like depression and addiction disturb a student’s ability to concentrate. When you’re mentally sick, seek proper treatment. You may even consider leaving your online class temporarily. If you pursue this option, hire qualified and experienced professional online class takers.

➢ Health Issues

Illness could come at any moment. When it strikes you unexpectedly while you’re enrolled in an online course, you may find it impossible to finish your assignments and tests on time. If health problems are inhibiting your academic success, call us and ask: “Can someone take my online class for me?”

➢ Lack of Access to Study Materials

Without high-speed Internet access, online students cannot access necessary study materials. Sometimes work may require you to travel to far away places, where Internet access and power supply are not certain. Instead of quitting the program, hire our online class takers to complete your course on time.

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