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Online Degree Programs: How to Choose a Prince Among the Frogs

Choosing to earn your degree online is a big decision. What’s even bigger is choosing which program to enroll in. With hundreds of schools offering a wide variety of majors and programs, it can be overwhelming to choose. The good news is it’s not impossible, and we can help you decide on the right program for your future. The first step in choosing a degree program is to research the program to be sure it is accredited and accepted by other schools and potential employers. A basic search on any search engine will provide a list of accredited online schools. …Read More

Online coursework

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Manage Your Time and Your Life

Time management is a skill that often takes years to perfect, and finding a proper balance gets even more difficult once you enter college. Improper time management skills can affect every aspect of your life, causing you to miss out on opportunities, create unnecessary stress, and leave you feeling flustered. College doesn’t have to control your time and your life. Follow these simple tips to manage your time wisely and live your life to the fullest. 1. Plan Everyday – 15 minutes before bedtime, plan the day ahead down to the minute. Write down everything you’ll be doing for the …Read More

Life Is Too Short to Spend on Classes You Have No Interest In

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Is An Online Degree Program Right For You?

Choosing to further your education is a huge decision that requires a lot of thoughtful consideration. It is important to assess the pros and cons of online schooling before taking the leap to better your future. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of getting your degree online. Pros 1. One major plus to online schooling is the flexibility of hours. This is especially important to people working full-time jobs who want to better their future. If you work during the day or have unpredictable work hours, online school may be your best bet. 2. If you …Read More

How to Write the Perfect Resume

It’s tough out there trying to find a job right out of school. Perfecting your resume is key to securing an interview for your dream job and impressing potential employers. Small tweaks to your resume can make a huge difference on the impact it has. Follow these tips to impress any hiring manager with your outstanding resume and credentials. 1. Tailor Your Content – When searching for a job, you may be sending your resume out to dozens of employers a week. Don’t send out the same document to every employer. Take a careful look at what the job entails, …Read More

How to Ace Your Admissions Essays

Unfortunately, not everyone can skip out on writing pesky admissions essays, even when applying to an online degree program. If you aren’t fully confident in your writing skills but want to wow the admissions officers at your school of choice, you’re in luck. We have the run down on everything you need to ace your admissions essays and attend the school of your dreams. First and foremost, you should always write as if you are talking to the reader, rather than writing something down. Writing tone can often come off awkward or choppy, but if you keep this tip in …Read More

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