Take My Algebra Test

Many students fear Mathematics as well as algebra. Students anywhere in the world might have mentioned this, “Take my algebra test.” Whoever that person they talked to, the concern here is whether these students were given help or if they solved the algebra test like whatever may happen. Algebra is integral in Mathematics. It introduces and enhances the students’ knowledge in finding the unknown values. The knowledge in algebra is very helpful in daily life. It can be applied if they are just conscious about it. So for those students who are looking for help, stop saying “Take my algebra …Read More

Take my algebra class

Take my algebra class, please. Most likely many students have these words in mind as they take the algebra subject. Not all of us are good or excellent in Mathematics. In fact Mathematics is one of the hate subjects that include computing numbers. But we cannot escape from these subjects. High school, middle school, and college have complicated Math topics. As we go up to the next level, we face much harder topics. There are different levels of algebra according to the level or grade. But all levels still tackle the x, y, and other letters in the English alphabet. …Read More

Take my accounting test

“Take my accounting test” as most students often mention this line because of the difficult word problems in accounting subject. All students who are taking up business related courses will take accounting subject. Just like any other subject that involves computation this subject is very hard for most students. They have nothing to do to skip this. It is a requirement for them to be good in accounting. No matter how high is your interest in business it will not be as high as your interest in accounting. It reality it is easy to do business especially if it is …Read More

Take my accounting class

“Hi, can you take my accounting class?” This is the usual line I read from students who applied for tutoring online. As a tutor I understand the dire need of these students to learn and to be experts in their field, in accounting. Accounting can be a very interesting subject if students learn the secret for understanding and solving the accounting related word problems. As a graduate of Accountancy I have a good grasp and knowledge in accounting. I apply this knowledge in the firm that I work with. The importance of accounting is so high that it is always …Read More

Strayer University

Founded in 1892, Strayer University is one of the largest university in the US with a student enrolment of up to 51,000 in over 90 campuses located across 23 states of the US. Being a model of excellent learning, it is founded on the core values of academic quality and student success while able to guarantee smooth and efficient education access through it rigorous one of a kind academic programs. Its motto says it all “only the driven”, it is for this reason that Strayer university strives to provide a supportive learning environment with instructional delivery option to ensure its …Read More


StraighterLine is usually a U.S. academic organization that provides cost effective, on-line college programs which are equal to basic programs needed for a bachelor degree. ‘American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service’ has assessed as well as suggested university credit score for ‘StraighterLine’ programs. The organization is un-accredited, however it has joint ventures with a variety of approved universities and colleges that take its classes for credit score. The organization mainly provides ‘McGraw-Hill’ course material provided by way of a Blackboard study administration program. This is much like the distribution style used by lots of on-line universities and colleges. …Read More

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Tell a student that the next class is statistics and you will hear something like this, ‘I wish I could pay someone to take my online statistics class.’ The process of collecting and interpretation of quantitative data is quite engaging. The use of computers to manipulate data is even more complex especially if software is involved. It is understandable to consider seeking online help but for me to pay someone to take my online statistics class, I must do research well. Statistics requires the use of formulas to estimate deviations, mean, mode and the like. In doing so, drawing of …Read More

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