Homework Help: Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat In Online Learning

Dishonesty in academics isn’t new- it’s a phenomenon as old as the hills. But online learning makes cheating easy. In fact, some online courses are widely known for the easy opportunities they provide to cheat. While we agree that rampant cheating undermines the benefits of the platform and the reputation of the university that’s offering the online course, students cannot always be blamed. Here are a few reasons why students are tempted to cheat and seek homework help: Not Everyone Cheats All The Time: Dan Ariely, an expert in Behavioral Economics explains that not every student cheats all the time. …Read More

The Key Essentials Of Every Online Learning Program

Not all online courses are made alike. And since, a good online degree isn’t cheap, here’s our advice on the 5 essential factors that a good online course offers: Technology is important, but pedagogy comes first: A good university ensures that they have all the technology is place to enable eLearning. From micro learning and mobile learning, to cloud based learning, universities use the latest and the coolest resources. But they’re of no use if the course does not have useful content. Universities that use the same format as conventional learning in online platforms are sure to fail. Good universities …Read More

3 eLearning Strategies That Help You Succeed

After three years and 5 online courses, I’ve learned a valuable lesson- it’s easier to enroll into an online course than to complete it! Universities across the world have joined the eLearning bandwagon, yet very few have managed to help students reach the finish line. Below are 5 strategies that could help students to complete their online course: Procrastination is your worst enemy: How often have we promised ourselves to leave an unfinished task for tomorrow! Procrastination is tempting but dangerous as well. This is especially true if you are an online student. True that eLearning offers you the flexibility …Read More

How To Find A Quality Online Degree Program?

Thanks to prestigious universities like Stanford and Princeton offering online programs, digital degrees are gaining acceptance. Unlike the situation a few years ago, employers are willing to embrace online degrees as long as the college offering the course carries a good reputation and is accredited. Citing degrees or certificate courses from unaccredited schools is a sure way to get your resume tossed into the bin. Here are some pointers to help you find a quality online degree: Accreditation: As mentioned earlier, accreditation is of immense importance. Employers are open to accepting an online degree only when offered by an accredited …Read More

Do Employers Value Online Degrees?

Does it matter to an employer if a candidate has completed a course in a classroom environment or online? Do employers value online degrees? Questions such as these may have been relevant a decade ago, but not today, given the number of students who prefer an online course over conventional learning. The fact that students get to learn without quitting their job is probably the biggest draw of online learning. Around 81% of online learning students are employed with an average age of around 34 years says a study. A majority of these individuals are looking to rise up the …Read More

Why Is The Attrition Rate So High In MOOCs?

Completion rate seems to be the bane of MOOCs. A widely cited Harvard report found that only 4% of registered students actually completed them. Once heralded as the poster boy for cheap and affordable education, MOOCs have lost their charm. High dropout rates currently the biggest worry for MOOCs. Here are some reasons why completion rates are abysmally low: A large number of students are only window-shopping: The Harvard report about the 4% completion rate also mentioned that focusing on completion rates alone is limiting and ‘too simplistic’ a view. This is because a large number of students who enroll …Read More

I Got Someone To Do My Homework- Does That Make Me A Cheater?

‘Yes, and remember, cheaters never prosper’- my mom would say. And I would have concurred with her, had this been asked a few years ago. Time has taught that things aren’t always black and white, and that grey is okay. Cheating on homework isn’t new and often done by the academically inclined. A 2013 survey by Harvard found that nearly 42% of its surveyed students admitted to cheating on homework, exams, and other assignments. They did so to get into the prestigious Ivy League university. Ideally, homework should be considered a learning tool and not related to grades. They should …Read More

Questions to Ask Before Paying Someone to Take Your Online Class

Students who have a problem dealing with a particular subject or unable to complete their course homework due to health reasons wonder “Can you pay someone to take your online class?” The answer to this question is this question is YES! Expert professionals with profound knowledge in specific areas of study offer help to students in need. While there may be some risks such as ending up with a sour relationship with the online tutor, this option seems to be of great help in most cases. Here are some important questions to ensure that the expectations of the assignment are …Read More

Tips to Taste Success with an Online Course

Full-time mothers and busy professionals often choose online courses with an aim to enhance their skills. However, success in the course is not always a breeze and many individuals face serious issues before fruitful completion. Here are some easy tips to help online students to succeed in their endeavor: Create a Schedule and Stick To It A home study schedule must be laid out depending upon the duration of the course and the workload. Divide the schedule into read and review sessions and follow the plan religiously. Hire Someone To Do Your Assignments Assignments come with strict deadlines and while …Read More

Three Common Misconceptions about Receiving Online Class Help

The busy schedule of students and working professionals often inhibit them for honing their skills through additional online courses. As a result, their chances for getting hired or attaining further promotion in their career is considerably reduced. Paying Someone To Take Your Online Class is the best solution to this problem. Some common myths about this service are debunked for students to take a more open approach towards this setup. Myth 1: Online Class Help Does Not Contribute To Skill Enhancement Not True. Having someone to take my online class ensures that the skills taught for the day are received and …Read More