Overcome Procrastination The Simple Way

When enrolling into any online school, we bet nobody told you that procrastination would be your number 1 enemy! Online courses offer the flexibility to study from anywhere and whenever you want to. But there’s also a high chance that you may fall into a laid back attitude. In fact the flexibility that you enjoy with online courses is often the reason for you to easily deviate. Here are some tips to help you stay on schedule while learning online. Schedule your classes: You may extend the deadline for your assignments, but they have to be completed before a stipulated …Read More

Why Do Students Cheat On a Test?

Cheating a test isn’t new – students cheat all the time. But why do they decide to do it, is the question. Some psychologists argue cheating has to do with moral development, i.e. people who lack moral strength cheat. Some others reason that cheating has nothing to do with morality because people cheat based on a situation – they reason with themselves about the benefits and disadvantages of cheating. Whether cheating is right or wrong, it is for the student to decide. But if you are looking for best ways to cheat on a test, we suggest trying our services. …Read More

How Are People Cheating On An Online Test

From writing trigonometry formulas on bits of paper to writing answers on the forearm, we have cheated at least once in our student life. But for an online student, cheating takes place on a different level. If you have enrolled for an online program and struggling, here’s how to cheat on a test: Plagiarism: Students copy entire paragraphs from other sources without citations and proper references. This method is useless thanks to the effective (yet inexpensive) plagiarism software available. Besides, course designers require students to submit the assignment in pieces, i.e. the thesis statement, argument, outline, rough draft, etc. is …Read More

Math Homework Help: We’ll Help You Manage Your Math Phobia

Have you experienced sweaty palms and breathlessness just before your Math exam? Have you always felt ashamed about feeling lost while trying to solve word problems in Math? If so, you aren’t alone. Researchers at the Stanford University have confirmed that Math phobia or Math Anxiety is real. Luckily, this can be managed by training the mind to control the anxiety. How To Remove The Fear Of Math Math problems have a definite answer- you are either right or wrong. The fear of being wrong probably upsets us the most. We view these as personal failures and become critical of …Read More

Why Do Students Ask Us- Can You Write My Essay?

The one aspect that most online students hate about their course is undoubtedly related to writing an essay. It requires hours of research, plenty of patience and preparedness. No doubt, essay writing services are more popular than ever. But why do students choose ‘write my essay‘ services like ours? Some of the possible reasons include: Assignment requirements are complex: To maintain academic quality, instructors assign complex essay topics. Sometimes, it is difficult for students to even understand the question, let alone come up with a 3000 odd critical commentary on the subject. And to make matters worse, plagiarism is seriously …Read More

How To Write An Essay When You Are In A Hurry

There always comes a time in the life of online students where they find themselves staring at what should be a 3000 words essay, but it is really a blank Word Doc. Online learning programs are flexible, but they’re also rigorous. Students joining a typical degree course may have to spend around 10-15 hours every week to stay updated on the course tasks. If you ever have to write an essay in a hurry, here’s how to do it: Start with the right mindset: It’s easy to get panicky when you only have a few hours to complete an essay. …Read More

Why You Should Choose Us For Research Paper Help

Poorly drafted research papers with little or no logical flow are some of the common problems that annoy instructors no end. Nobody wants to read a paper that’s poorly put together and one where the student has failed to follow basic instructions. We can help you overcome these issues and come up with papers that guarantee an A or B. Here’s why you should choose us: Expert writers: The tutors we hire for research paper help are graduates from some of the best universities in America. In fact, some of them have graduated from Ivy League colleges. They understand the …Read More

5 Habits of People Who Successfully Complete Their Online Class

Why is it that the percentage of people who manage to successfully complete their online course remains abysmally low? What are the things that they do different from the rest? Here are some habits that one ought to cultivate to ensure that you complete your online course while managing full time work and other commitments: Do not hesitate to say no: You are busy researching for the academic essay that is due for submission next week and one of the friends suggest a weekend night out- what do you do? As tempted as you may be, resist the urge to …Read More

Do My Homework: How To Choose The Right Homework Tutor

Online learning is often touted to the easiest and effortless way to earn a degree. If you’ve ever done an online course in the past, or if you are doing one currently, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s anything but that! Between managing a busy schedule at work, balancing social commitments, and allocating time for studies and projects, there are a hundred things that you have to do. While we don’t have solutions for the other aspects of your life, our tutors can certainly help you with your online class. All that you’ve got to do is to ask, ‘can …Read More

Homework Help: Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat In Online Learning

Dishonesty in academics isn’t new- it’s a phenomenon as old as the hills. But online learning makes cheating easy. In fact, some online courses are widely known for the easy opportunities they provide to cheat. While we agree that rampant cheating undermines the benefits of the platform and the reputation of the university that’s offering the online course, students cannot always be blamed. Here are a few reasons why students are tempted to cheat and seek homework help: Not Everyone Cheats All The Time: Dan Ariely, an expert in Behavioral Economics explains that not every student cheats all the time. …Read More