3 Overrated Emotional Traits

Did you know that the American self-help industry is now worth more than $10 billion, with life coaches alone generating more than $2.5 billion in revenue annually? Rapid technological advancements have automated everyday tasks, so now human beings have plenty of time to focus inwards. Simply put, we now have the luxury of introspection. Given the number of videos, books, and motivational quotes about self-help, one might think that the world would be brimming with confidence and self-esteem. In reality, we are now unhappier than ever1. Our obsession with being the best version of ourselves, for example, is only creating …Read More

Secrets to Earning Awesome Grades

Online courses provide lots of opportunities for learning about the world around you. They’re also great at helping people pursue their passions, and many sign up to advance on the career ladder. No matter what your reasons are for enrolling in an online class, the important thing is that you earn good grades and get the most out of the experience. And in the pursuit of good grades, you may develop beneficial habits and improve your self-confidence. Below are four tips that online students follow to achieve As and Bs on all their coursework: ➢ Be Disciplined and Organized Success …Read More

Common Reasons for E-Learner Dropout

Most working students start their online educations with lofty dreams. But often pressure from work, changing shifts, sickness, mood swings, and limited time hinder a person’s ability to progress with their online learning. Weighed down by all these factors, they end up dropping out of much-loved online courses that could have been beneficial. Some students avoid dropout by sharing their workload with qualified online class takers. If you want to know the common reasons for dropout and how to avoid/overcome them, read through the points below! ➢ Boring Courses Online course titles are usually very attractive, so students enthusiastically join …Read More

The Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

If you speak multiple languages, you can highlight this on your resume. But did you know that learning more than one language offers plenty of other benefits as well? We have listed these below for you: ➢ Improves Memory And Makes You Smarter An article published in Experimental Child Psychology, an academic journal, says children who learn more than one language have better-working memories than their monolingual counterparts. A good-working memory can make you smart in many aspects. But if you’re struggling with a Spanish or English course, call us and ask: “Can someone take my online class?” ➢ Increases …Read More

The Online Learning Model: How It Works

Online learning is popular among Generation Y and Z. The older generation does not know much about how an online course functions. Understanding the online model of learning and the terms involved can help one complete the course. Here we have shared some basic concepts on how the online learning model works: A Socialized Learning Experience: A well-organized learning community with like-minded people is available for you to interact with. You can mingle with a large group of peers from all over the world compared to the small closed group in a brick and mortar environment. A Flexible and Adaptive …Read More

How to Stop Multitasking During an Online Course

Focusing in an online course can become difficult due to multitasking. With many distractions around, one tends to multitask, thinking that it will make one’s time highly productive. In truth, multitasking only does one harm. When you focus on one thing at a time you get more done. Here are some techniques to overcome multitasking: Be Aware of the Consequences: Research says only two percent of the world’s population can multitask efficiently. But in reality, ninety-nine percent of people feel they can multitask to be more productive. Becoming educated about the problems involved in multitasking can help solve this problem. …Read More

How to Earn Good Grades in Your Online Class

A virtual classroom is a learning platform in which you can interact with your instructor and fellow students. You can participate in group discussions, share presentations, take quizzes, exams, read your textbooks and references, watch lectures, upload assignments and everything else related to your course. An online student should be well versed with this technology for a positive learning experience. Preparing for the exam and assignments is not the only secret when it comes to online learning; let’s look into other key points that can get you attractive grades: Attendance: You have to log in regularly, at least three times …Read More

How to Concentrate While Studying Online

Distractions are a huge problem today. Recent surveys say that the completion rate of online classes is just around ten percent. Staying focused on academic goals is important for getting good grades. In a modern world, distractions include digital apps, multi-tasking, and environmental distractions, all of which hinder your learning process and affect your grades. Here are a few tips to overcome these setbacks. Digital Distraction – Block Them: A little break from studies is recommended, but texting for hours and scrolling social media websites can be distracting. These activities use the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is also …Read More

How To Stay on Top of Your Online Class

Online learning is a wonderful idea for people looking to rise up the career ladder. That said, managing tests and homework while working comes at a price. If you are taking some of your classes online, here’s what you need to do. Strengthen Your Willpower Focused attention is essential while taking online classes. Willpower will help you avoid falling into the temptations of digital distractions. Whether it’s working on your online assignments or putting off work to watch Netflix, all these decisions are based on self-control. You must determine how ambitious you are to maximize your success. Set the alarm …Read More

How To Focus and Concentrate While Taking An Online Class

Concentration is the ability to direct attention towards a specific task for a period of time. Some people struggle to stay focused for many reasons. Modern society has eroded our ability to focus on a single task at a time. Due to the overwhelming amount of stimuli, we jump from one thing to another, leading to poor results. It is vital to create a habit for proper concentration. Choose The Best Time To Study Knowing your peak energy levels is one of the most important factors when it comes to concentrating on your studies. Your energy will go through peaks …Read More