5 Rules You Should Follow in an Online Discussion Forum

5 Rules You Should Follow in an Online Discussion Forum

Online Discussion Forum
Managing an online discussion forum can be confusing, especially if it is your first online course and you have no idea how things work. Online discussions are an important element of online learning and can help you study a subject in-depth. To make the most of the opportunity, there are a few basic rules that you should follow. We list some for you:

Be Respectful:

If you do not agree with someone, you don’t need to sound judgmental. Explain the reasons why you have a different opinion and acknowledge the points in their argument. The idea is to accept that different people have different opinions that may not be consistent with yours.

Don’t Shout:

I’m sure many of you know by now that writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of shouting and should be avoided at all costs. Nobody wants to listen to an entitled and opinionated commentator.

Avoid Humor:

Humor can be tricky in an online platform with students from across the world. If the humor seems to put down a section of people, or comes off as a superior thought, you may end up hurting people. It’s best to avoid humor if you aren’t sure as how it will be interpreted.

Rephrase If You Aren’t Sure:

If you are not sure about what someone is saying, the best way to respond is to rephrase the sentence and ask what the other person meant. This is much better than posting an unrelated comment, only to apologize later.

Check Previous Comments:

Before you post a reply or a comment, remember to read previous comments so that you do not end up repeating an idea or opinion someone has already stated. This not only irritates other participants but does nothing to take the discussion further.

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