3 Reasons Why Perfection Can Be A Problem For Students

3 Reasons Why Perfection Can Be A Problem For Students

Why Perfection Can Be A Problem For Students

In a culture where people work long hours, lunch on their desks, and check emails at night or weekends, it’s natural to consider perfectionism as a positive trait. Several studies prove that Americans are increasingly becoming shackled to their work with unrealistic academic and professional expectations from themselves. Truth be told, perfectionism is not an ideal we must strive to achieve. It is a self-defeating trait that makes people anxious, stressed, and vulnerable to substance abuse.

It’s good to set high standards for ourselves, but we must accept our imperfections and set realistic expectations. You are probably a perfectionist if you spend too much time and energy perfecting a project or assignment while neglecting other tasks. Here’s why it is causing you more harm than good:

1. It Could Lead To Procrastination:

This idea may seem counterproductive, but generally, perfectionists do not start something because they know they cannot live up to their expectations. Teachers and instructors may see this as a sign of laziness and distraction, but truth be told, such students often measure their self-worth in terms of accomplishments and successes. They generally have the all-or-nothing attitude, constantly thinking they’re worthless until a task is done perfectly.

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2. Fear Of Dealing With Failure:

Perfectionists often equate mistakes with failure. They downplay accomplishments and turn down projects, waiting to get them right. They miss out on opportunities to learn and grow, fearing setbacks or loss. In fact, being a perfectionist isn’t about being perfect; it is about not being good enough.

3. It Could Lead To A Range Of Clinical Issues:

It Could Lead To A Range Of Clinical Issues

Perfectionists tend to be hard on themselves and are more likely to self-harm. Students who strive for perfection are likely to suffer from emotional issues, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bulimia, insomnia, and are even likely to commit suicide.

The Solution:

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