The Benefits of Videos in E-learning

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Embedded videos in remote courses are one of the most effective tools to enhance one’s learning curve. Students can watch these clips at their own pace and from the comforts of their homes. Videos are flexible since they allow watchers to pause, rewind, forward, or repeat them as many times as they want. e-learning videos make it easier to impart knowledge by breaking up the study material into small, understandable segments.

As you can see, e-learning videos are effective and powerful. However, just having a course packed with videos does not mean that it is helpful. The clips should offer some value addition and they should be engaging and well-edited. Even the narrator needs to be relatable to the learner watching the clip. Here are some aspects of effective and engaging e-learning videos.

The Content is Concise

According to statistics, the average viewer spends around four minutes watching a video. If the clips are too long, it is a challenge to concentrate at a stretch. Especially, when you are learning the fundamentals of physics or algorithms in natural language processing, a 30-minute clip will get boring and you will lose interest and focus. Hence, look for courses where the videos are split into smaller segments. You will get a better sense of your progress and will be able to focus better.

The Content Offers Long-term Value

E-learning videos should offer value in the long term. The content needs to be relevant. Since the education world is constantly evolving, even video content should be updated. Check if the clips include solid and well-established scientific theories and evergreen examples. If it consists of only time-based market trends or current events, the content will get obsolete with time.

Good Audio Quality

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Low volume, additional background noise, and a dull narration can easily make video learning tedious. For the clips to be interesting and engaging, a good voice actor is an important component. A seasoned, professional voiceover artist and premium recording equipment, coupled with the ideal combination of pitch, delivery, tone, and accent are needed to hold the attention of the learner.

Visual Cues

A collection of simple content slides or a monotonous narrative of the subject matter is incredibly boring. Several subjects are tough and without visual cues, it is difficult to have a grasp on them. Animated graphics, simple drawing, and images are effective in making video learning interesting. Finally, inclusion of subtitles is also important since remote learning is delivered across borders.

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What is Immersive e-Learning? The Complete Guide

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Immersive e-learning includes those types of online courses which promote real-world application and encourage learners to evaluate their knowledge. VR and AR are an important part of e-learning but they are not the only components. Mixed Reality is another element that can help in engaging students. Learners can interact with their peers, delve deep into practical scenarios, and reflect on their performance. But how do you know if an online course offers the complete immersive learning experience? Here are the elements that you should look for in your online course.

Practical Scenarios

Immersive learning is created to gauge how learners will react to practical situations. How will they handle an employee in the real world? Or how will a new recruit suggest a product based on customers’ pain points? A successful interactive online training program comprises real-world challenges that are relatable to students. In short, the learner should be able to apply the knowledge in real problems and solve them.

Multisensory Aspects

Comprehensive immersive online classes have to include multisensory elements. While attending the sessions, the students must be able to ignore all kinds of distractions. They need to concentrate and fully engage themselves in the virtual training environment. In other words, there should be complete focus. Only then, learners will be able to utilize their full potential.

Customized Classes

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Immersive learning should be personalized. Of course, it is impossible to curate a curriculum for each student. But the program must be designed for everyone’s benefit. For instance, immersive remote training programs can be created to gauge skill gaps or to test responses to a challenging customer. It should also allow the learner to approach a problem from their perspective. For example, the curriculum can be created, based on the learners’ backgrounds and experience. A holistic online training experience can also be adaptable and personalized, according to a specific employee’s requirements.

Experimental Elements

Again, trainees should get the opportunities to apply different types of approaches to a single issue. This can only be achieved via experiments where they can gauge real-world outcomes of their decisions. This is better than making mistakes once the employee joins the firm. Effective immersive e-learning encourages one to take risks. Only then, learners can know about their flaws and recognize their strong points. In short, the session should help them to organize their thoughts and work on their strategy-making prowess.

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