Tips For Creating A Study Schedule For Your Final Exams

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There are a few things that you should remember when creating a study schedule. These include:

1. Minimize time spent procrastinating and maximize effective study time

2. Manage your health and stress levels

With these guiding principles in mind, start scheduling with the help of Google Calendar.

• Check your college website to know exam dates and times. Note them on your calendar.

• Know the format of each exam

• Know your homework assignments or projects that are due during the exam week. Figure out the best way to balance the projects/assignments with study sessions.

• Take stock of your resources – make sure you have the syllabi, all the course materials, handouts from your professors, notes, and textbooks. Make use of all available materials.

• Assess your knowledge. Identify and focus on the knowledge gaps.

Your detailed schedule should contain a lot of information like – your mealtimes, gym times, and all the little tasks you have to take care of throughout the day. Keep Parkinson’s Law in mind to assign the right amount of time to a task. You must realize that your brain’s efficiency is going to take a dive after 30 minutes. Try scheduling your study sessions and accomplish a specific set of things within 25 to 30 minutes and then give yourself a small break.

Important Tips To Make Your Study Schedule Even Better

• Monitor your body’s energy levels and study when it’s at its best.

• The performance of your brain is connected to the well-being of your body. Get exercise and take breaks to help in reducing the stress.

• Ask for help when you need. Be sure to challenge yourself and try to work through problems. But if you get stuck, call us for online class help. Our tutors can take your online test for you!

12 Surprising Facts & Figures About Online Learning

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Web based learning has revolutionized education; it has enabled millions of people to receive an education without having to leave their house. It was Jay Cross, an American futurist who promoted the e-learning concept during the late 90’s. Here are some facts about e-learning that you did not know:

Fact 1: The E of e-learning was not only intended to signify electronic but also as exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent and educational. (Source: Origin Learning)

Fact 2: There are more than 130 billion online students on the earth. Moodle alone reported that 25 million registered students have enrolled in 2 million courses. (Source: YouTube)

Fact 3: The e-learning industry observed tremendous growth between 2001 and 2005 and rises consistently every year. Almost 28% of formal learning minutes are spent on the web by students. Learning online is considered to be more productive than instructor led training. (Source: YouTube)

Fact 4: The LMS market is expected to be a $7.8 billion industry by 2018. Over 87% of students use online LMS solutions with cloud storage technology. (Source: Capterra 12)

Fact 5: Corporations can economize their production cost from 50% to 70% when employees are trained with the help of e-learning methods over educator based training. (Source: YouTube)

Fact 6: 80,000 Google employees enrolled for Udacity’s HTML5! This is an extraordinary example of using a MOOC to empower workforce. (Source: ExtensionEngine)

Fact 7: Around 25% of employees quit their jobs because of poor training and learning experiences. eLearning opportunities can help companies earn more than 26% revenue from each worker. (Source: Origin Learning)

Fact 8: The LMS market size was valued at around $165 billion in 2015 and continues to grow at 5 percent every year. At this rate, it could hit $240 billion by 2023.

Fact 9: There are more than 3 million online-only students in the US. It is more than the total number of college students in France. Around 77% of the American corporations completely rely on internet learning. It was just 4% in 1995. (Source: YouTube)

Fact 10: The United States and Europe rule the global eLearning market with over 70% share in revenue. Asia could overtake the US in five years. (Source: YouTube)

Fact 11: Ernst Young shortened 2900 hours of classroom training into just 700 hours of web based learning. (Source: YouTube)

Fact 12: American companies spend a total of $150 billion annually on learning and development. 30% of learning is technology based. There was a 250 percent spike in sales at Rolls-Royce thanks to an online sales training program. 80% of training programs are conducted online at Reuters. (Source: YouTube)

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How To Prepare For College During Spring Breaks?

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Spring break is the perfect time to recharge your mind and body. Here’s how to make the best of your time:

Search for Colleges

Spring break is the perfect time to spend some time researching about colleges and universities. You could either visit the college in person to gather as much information as you can on the internet. Join forums, speak to past students and read reviews.

Make Time For Extracurricular Activities

Spend your summer break by learning a new activity or sign up for a short online course. Colleges are interested to know what you do in your spare time because it helps them understand you better. For example, if you are interested in taking up a career in mental health, sign up as a volunteer for a local charity to show you are serious about your career choice.

Compose Your Application Essays

Use this time wisely to come up with ideas for the personal statement that must accompany a college application. What make you different from the others? Who are your role models? If you need help to write a good essay, contact our online class help tutors! We can also help you edit the essay to ensure that it reads well and is not plagiarized. Visit Take Your Class for more information.

Prep for the SAT or ACT

Solve practice questions, review math concepts, or take up an online course. This will help you prepare for the ACT and the SAT.

Look For Financial Aid Programs

Make use of your spring break to check for application due dates and necessary criteria to fit into your dream college. Develop the skills required to make yourself eligible.

Take Advantage Of Your Senior Classes

Showing interest in Advanced Placement classes demonstrates that you are serious about your career. Earning credits in high school can help you save money on tuition fees.

Even though spring breaks only last for a week, you can use them wisely and make the most of the time off!

Five Must-Have Skills For Students

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Educators are now facing a two-fold challenge; on the one end they have to keep pace with an economy which is now knowledge –based as opposed to the earlier industry-based economy. They also have to ensure that students brought up in the internet era are motivated enough to learn. There now seems to be a huge gap between industry needs and education. Here’s a list of skills that students must possess to close this gap:

Creativity and Innovation:

Creativity isn’t only about being different from the rest; you should come up with inventive and unique solutions. Consider taking up an online course that helps in decision making and problem solving. Take up projects and challenging tasks and look for imaginative solutions.

Leadership Skills:

Leadership isn’t only about being powerful, or directing fellow individuals. Modern leaders understand the need for collaboration and working towards a common goal. These skills can be cultivated by learning to tolerate other people’s opinions and respecting them. Empathy, selflessness, personal accountability, environmental awareness, and adaptability are some of the key skills of an able leader.

Marketing Skills:

It is very important to learn how to market yourself to be able to land a dream job. Use social networking websites and other platforms carefully to discuss your ideas and opinions. An online course on self-marketing and personal branding also helps!

Project Management Skills:

From evaluating risks to budget management and project administration, employees are now required to undertake a wide range of tasks. Sign up for an online course that deals with project management and related skills.

A Global Attitude:

Having a global mindset is a fundamental skill required to survive in the 21st century. This means being tolerant of people from different cultures and respecting their beliefs. Sign up for an online course in a reputed university – you will be allowed ample of opportunities to mingle with fellow students from across the world. Non-native English speakers may be initially reluctant to actively participate in online academic activities like discussion boards and group chats.

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