Online Group Projects: Tips For Success

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Online students are often complaining about the difficulty of completing group projects. One reason is that students may be unfamiliar with the online platform on which communication takes place, and another is that online classes are often global, which means students are signing in at very different times.

Here are tips to handle online group projects successfully.

Select group members wisely

Choose a partner that you believe you can work with. You will have got to know some of your fellow students if you actively participate in discussion boards and chat rooms. It will be wise to choose a partner who posts intelligent and thoughtful things, and who you can tell is doing well in the class. The last thing you want is to pick a student who is lazy and uncommitted.

Keep your team in sync

A team can’t function only through email. Plan phone meetings or in-person meetings at least once a week or month. A five-minute conversation on the phone often helps to resolve issues that 20 emails can’t.

Create a communication plan

There are myriad ways to communicate with group members. Find out what works best for everyone. Consider Facebook groups or Google Docs. Both are a great way to be active at the same time.

Set check-ins and deadlines

Assign a task to every group member and make sure everyone sticks to it. Also, it may be wise to assign someone as the group leader, who will be responsible for checking that everyone is doing the right work.

Don’t hesitate to be a team leader

Maybe you want to be the team leader! This would be a great way to make sure that the project does not fall into disorder. If you do this, just make sure you are committed and positive when speaking with your group members.

Set a time to complete the project

Just like with individual assignments, set a deadline and stick to it. If you a group leader, remind everyone of the deadline often, and encourage them to meet it for the good of the group.

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