Do My Homework: How To Choose The Right Homework Tutor

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Online learning is often touted to the easiest and effortless way to earn a degree. If you’ve ever done an online course in the past, or if you are doing one currently, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s anything but that! Between managing a busy schedule at work, balancing social commitments, and allocating time for studies and projects, there are a hundred things that you have to do. While we don’t have solutions for the other aspects of your life, our tutors can certainly help you with your online class. All that you’ve got to do is to ask, ‘can you do my homework’? But not everyone offering online class help is the same. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right homework tutor:

Check for guaranteed grades:

Before you even ask the tutor, ‘can you do my homework’, make sure that he offers guaranteed grades. At Take Your Class, we offer guaranteed grades- it’s either an A or B, or your money back! We’ve helped so many people in the past that scoring good grades is a daily job for us.

Check if the tutor is aware of how things work in American academia:

There’s nothing wrong per se with a tutor who has studied outside America, but to ensure that you do not raise suspicion, it makes sense to hire tutors who’ve lived and studied in America. They’re aware of the American academia. Our tutors have graduated from some of the best universities in America.

Check for online reviews:

Don’t just go by the word of the tutor, check for online reviews to verify his claims. There are too many horror stories about students being duped of their money on less than honest tutors. They promise the moon, but fulfill nothing. And when it’s time to refund the money, some tutors blackmail these hapless students that their details will be divulged to the university.

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Homework Help: Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat In Online Learning

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Dishonesty in academics isn’t new- it’s a phenomenon as old as the hills. But online learning makes cheating easy. In fact, some online courses are widely known for the easy opportunities they provide to cheat. While we agree that rampant cheating undermines the benefits of the platform and the reputation of the university that’s offering the online course, students cannot always be blamed. Here are a few reasons why students are tempted to cheat and seek homework help:

Not Everyone Cheats All The Time:

Dan Ariely, an expert in Behavioral Economics explains that not every student cheats all the time. A lot of people cheat, but just by a little. When the object (the online platform in this case) is at a distance, they cheat more. And when we see people cheating around us, we cheat the most. When you don’t have the time to complete an assignment, have you ever asked a friend for homework help? That is cheating – but just by a little. Rather than having to trust your friend who may or may not be good at the subject, doesn’t it make sense to pay an expert and get the assignment done?

Students Are Tempted To Cheat When They Find The Task Boring, Irrelevant, or Overwhelming:

Alfie Kohn, an expert in Education and Human Behavior explains that students tend to cheat more when they view their tasks as too boring or overwhelming. Cheating, he says, is rare in a class where the content is engaging and meaningful. While some students take up online courses because it was stipulated by the university, some others take them up because it adds value to their resume. They’re either well versed with the topic or find it too boring. This is where homework help tutors come to the rescue.

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The Key Essentials Of Every Online Learning Program

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Not all online courses are made alike. And since, a good online degree isn’t cheap, here’s our advice on the 5 essential factors that a good online course offers:

Technology is important, but pedagogy comes first:

A good university ensures that they have all the technology is place to enable eLearning. From micro learning and mobile learning, to cloud based learning, universities use the latest and the coolest resources. But they’re of no use if the course does not have useful content. Universities that use the same format as conventional learning in online platforms are sure to fail.

Good universities present concepts in small learning units:

Micro learning is the latest trend in the online learning world today. The concept is fairly new and restricted to a few universities, but will soon be a hit in the future. Micro learning involves breaking down content into small learning units. Thus, five minute videos, small documents (not more than a single page), concepts that are not longer than social media updates, and other similar activities fused into the learner’s daily lives. This ensures that his cognitive skills are not stressed. Besides, it is easier to share information using mobile phones this way.

Good universities ensure that they’re content is applicable in the real world:

Content and context are conjoined. Students who take up online learning do so because it serves a specific purpose. The content should be designed in a manner that relevant at the learner’s workplace or should help him further his career.

Good universities offer simple presentation and keep the content structure simple as well:

The learning media that you use should help the learner understand and remember. Sophisticated media, however impressive, is of no use until the learner finds it easy. But contrary to what many would like to believe, simplicity is the most difficult of all.

While all of these are important to consider before enrolling into an online course, there’s one factor that should help you complete the course- pay someone to take online class. Yes, you hire the best experts and pay someone to take my online class for me! These experts won’t just help you with homework take your complete test for you.